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T-MAN is a french electronic music producer and beat maker based in Paris, half of the duo The Bloody Sisters, and remixer for international artists such as Lifelike, A-Track or Röyksopp. In the shadows, he produces pop music as much as hip-hop & trap... Everything with groove and emotion.



Layered started making music right after "The internets" era. Back in the day, Layered set forth through music tutorials on youtube or twitch live beatmaking. The only word that personifies the inspiration behind Layered and has traveled through decades, is sample. Samples are everywhere, especially during the US hip-hop golden era, a beloved influence on Layered’s music, combined with 808 drums, resulting in the brand’s simple recipe. The outcome can be a trap, a 90s boombap beat or a housy vibe track. Another big source of ideas is OSTs from the japanese culture in video games such as the Final Fantasy series or Shin'ichirō Watanabe animes. Child of the Internet, there are no good memes without good music, that's Layered’s philosophy.


Rough Yak

ROUGH YAK IN 7 QUESTIONS. The group which made him want to become a musician? Nirvana His first guitar? An acoustic one, which was stolen by a bad bad girl. But THE one is his Japanese Jazzmaster from 1996, a jewel! The first song he wrote? “Be with you”, a classical rock song, which didn’t happen to turn into a hit. His first band? Mad Donuts. Its name looked like junk food but it was good sound. Honestly. His hidden passion (not hidden anymore, though)? Vintage musical equipment and pedal effects (he’s got dozens and dozens of pedals!) His secret dream? Attending the recording of Chokebore “A taste for bitters”. But this mythic album was released in 1996. An impossible dream, then… His new musical project in three words? Innovant, eclectic, universal, and fun! That makes four words, ouch! Last but not least, its cat’s name? Nirvana! It’s come full circle!


Slow Motion

Brought up in the funk and disco vinyls, Slow motion starts electronic experimentation with abstract hip hop and joins the trip hop movement in the 90's. That makes him dive into the parisian club culture that explodes at that time. Whether at the Rex Club, the Queen, the barge Concorde Atlantique, the bars of the Marais district or the illegal parties of the Heretik System, he gets a feel for all the colors of techno music. With the French Touch, he goes back to his first musical emotions. He starts then mixing in bars and producing house music with his sidekick Ludovic Garnier. In the early 00's, he meets the Fizz band signed at EMI. Animated by the same love of house music, sampling, funk bass... With the band, they launch the Sismic Music label and Studio. They collaborate with Sébastien Léger, Patrick Alavi, Lifelike, Da Fresh, Kiko… They also begin a European clubs Tour and forge bonds with Sharam Jey, Lottie, Moonbootica, Loulou Players... In a decade, they produce 20 EPs and 2 compilations. With the decline of vinyls in the DJ culture, Slow Motion leaves Sismic to continue his career in the record industry at Polydor and Barclay. He works with Feist, Micky Green, Mika, Mylène Farmer, M, Ayo, Juliette Gréco… In 2019, the loss of Olivier H, his friend and mentor, creates a feeling of emptiness. He realizes how much mixing and producing miss him. That's why in 2020 he launches ohlee-a records, a tribute to Olivier, a comeback to its roots.



Random guy who came directly from rave parties in the 2000's who like to make people dance in all inclusive electronic music genre.

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